ASRL League History

The League was founded in the Fall of 1999 by Mark Demyan and Richard Koehler. The first series that started the League was the VORA Online Series. The sim that was used was N3 by Papyrus. Gary Greswell started a series called the Legends. It was originally started outside the ASRL but became sanctioned shortly after. All this happened before game servers were available to rent. What they did was build a server then Richard had to take it to a unspecified location and get it online. This worked for a couple years at which time the ASRL had grown so much that they needed to have two servers. When the League switched from N3 to N4 in the fall of 2001 they started renting servers from Blademan (out of business now) and RaceServers run by Mike and Kathy Baker. At the time things were going well for Richard and he paid the $1,000.00 server rental fee for one year out of his own pocket. Most other server and web fee’s were paid by Mark Demyan and what few donations come in. The League would continue to grow and prosper under the direction of Mark and Rich. Changing sims from N3 to N4 to N2002 and N2003 over the years the League has always offered much to many. As time went on and the task of running a League grew it was time to look to the membership for new leaders. Steve Ritter servered as League President for a short time before Dave Holzwarth caught the eye of Mark and Rich. Holzwarth took over the Presidency in 2003 and worked with the members of the board and Mark and Rich to come into an agreement with the RSG (RaceServers Group) lead by Randy Tessar. This alignment worked for a few months but as the ASRL was the largest League in the group we decided to remain as an independent group. Suffering from fatigue and burn out Mark Demyan turned over full control of the League to David Holzwarth in July of 2006. Rich Koehler had been working in the background mostly and retired in 2005. Since Holzwarth took over the League continued to thrive and boasted having been in operation for such along time.  In Spring of 2011 with attendance split among several different the ASRL would go through a transitional phase.  With that Rick Thompson would take the reins and assume the role as President.  Alliances come and go, friends and members come and go, but one thing that remains constant and steady is the operation of the ASRL.   Thanks to the many drivers and administrators that make this the best sim racing League in America. Only you hold the key to our success.

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